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1 In 5 U.S. Adults On Board With Wearables Now

Writing Great Lead Gen Emails: 6 Ideas

Recently a software company asked me this question, and then proceeded to show me lots of emails that were not working. In quickly reviewing these emails, I noticed there was Read More

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What Grid System Architecture and the Golden Ratio Do for Web Design

September 28, 2015

Good design in any discipline usually carries a structure of order and harmony. Since the Renaissance, artists and architects have used a strong understanding of proportions to create aesthetically pleasing architecture. Many of these classical design principles have followed us into modern times and can be found today in effective web design.

Take an A4 piece of paper for example. If you take it and halve it, the resulting size is A5 with the same exact proportions. No other proportion has the same properties. 16th century architect, Andrea Palladio knew this well. It is believed that because, fundamentally, most architects—like Palladio—use a similar system of proportions to plan and design spaces, buildings can look very different while remaining similar at their cores.

Structure and Beauty

It’s in human nature more
By Ling Lim


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UIE Article: Team Models for Scaling a Design System

In this week’s article, Nathan Curtis investigates different variants of centralizing and federating decision making around a design system. Here’s an excerpt from the article: Now, more designers code. Now, more developers design. Product managers have their hands dirty with everything. They all work tribally in teams spread throughout an enterprise. You can’t legitimately tell […]

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Help Designers and Developers Learn to Understand Each Other

The notion of being a “designer who can code” has been a prevalent topic in recent years. One of the greatest benefits of using CSS is speaking the same language as your developers. Having this common language aids in creating a more collaborative feel to conversations with developers versus dictating to them what to do. Being […]

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