Friday, August 26, 2016 | RECONCILIATION BRANDS | Consumer Trend Briefing | August 2016

No, we're not trying to be doom-mongers ;)

But there's plenty going on in the world right now – from the US, to Europe, South and Central America and beyond – that is fueling social tensions and engendering disharmony.

Meanwhile, societies everywhere are dealing with historic prejudices and inequalities. And via the events around #blacklivesmatter, we've seen how smartphone culture is helping to expose previously submerged and on-going injustices and fuel intense debate.

Scary times? Maybe. But people everywhere are looking to new ways to approach social division and rectify social wrongs. And for the billions that are 24/7 consumers? That means looking to brands and businesses to play their part.

Yes, that's right. Brands like YOURS!


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